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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Our Destination...Federation Square

Is this the most amazing building you have ever seen? It contains a visual media center where they are having a Stanley Kubrick exhibition. Also, several art galleries where we were headed to see the Margaret Preston exhibition. I am in love with her wood-cut prints, abstract, and aboriginal work. She also did lots of floral work but the strength and graphic quality of the other work is stunning. The exhibition must be a great success. They were sold out of the catalog...sigh...had money in had. You will have to Google her to get a taste for her style. The bottom right is an entertainment center for outdoor concerts.
Thanks Caity for the suggestion. Sharon loved Preston's work so was happy to see so much of it together. What a great companion to have Sharon there to help explain Preston's life and work. We talked art, food and our passions. I owe you big time, Caity. Posted by Picasa

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Caitlin said...

*squeeee* I'm SO glad you enjoyed the Margaret Preston stuff, G - this makes me very happy!

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