Things are getting more and more eccentric at Casa de la Swain. Changing styles in my textile work, falling in love again with painting and photography...and then there is the ever illusive quest for continuing creativity through working with Eric Maisel. Still on the road teaching, posting now at the Ragged Cloth Cafe and taking the pledge to keep handmaiden up to date.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Session one work

again just doodling because of my love for letter shapes and glyphs

I was torn between posting these or not but what the hey. Some I even like, most just trying to get out of the box and if you think these need help, you should see the ones I threw awaw. Still not personal enough, I realize that but it is only the first week. Sheesh, maybe I don't have anything personal to say...and if that's true, that's okay also...nothing wrong with pretty.Posted by Picasa


Lisa Call said...

Curious exactly what you meant:

1) truly personal work isn't pretty?
2) pretty stuff can't be personal?
3) this particular pretty stuff isn't personal enough for your goals?
4) something else all together.

I'm curious why you feel your work has to say something and exactly what you mean by "say something".

I admire your quest for this goal (and sharing the process - it really is insightful for your readers).

Diane said...

I really appreciate your sharing the process too, Gabrielle--and don't be afraid to post too much about your work through's really informative for the rest of us!
I share Lisa's questions.

And I really like this piece that you've posted!

gabrielle said...

Lisa, great questions:
1. truly personal work, of course, can be beautiful
2.pretty stuff can also be stunning
3. Now we are to the heart of the matter, my work has a certain detatchment to it. When you see my work, do you know anything about me. The reason I feel my work has to say something and what I mean by that is to me all art should be revelatory in some way of the artist. For me, art is about externalizing who I am.
Certainly, there are many other approaches but this is what my quest is at the moment. I may find after the three months are over that I just can't accomplish this goal. I will not stop making art...I will just re-evaluate and move on. However, I deeply fel an itch, a call to take on this process. Success or failure is not a part of the equation. It is the journey. Hope this answers some of your questions. Thanks for the thoughtful comments. You gave me even more to consider.

gabrielle said...

Diane, So glad you like the piece. Anytime this gets to be too much for the list, just give me the high sign and I will move on. However, you know me well enough now that thinking is one of my favorite indoor if this can help anyone or cause them to consider working with a coach that would be of great value to me.

Valeri said...

Wow! These are all such strong pieces. This one in particular I like very much. The doodling one is also something I like and very you. Your sense of colour and balance is so good be it naturalistic or abstract. You've already got a very dominant signature to your work. What do you want your work to say? At the moment it is saying to me that you are having fun as that is what is coming across. Would you rather it said you were strugglng for your 'art'? I was in the Tate some years ago and a group of students were being given a rundown on a painting by their tutor. 'Why' he said 'do you think the artist used blue here instead of continuing with the green? What was he saying.' There was silence while they thought about this and then a voice from the back said.'I'd run out of green and it was time for lunch. It looked OK so I left it in.' I had a hard time not laughing out loud at the artists comment. Which is why I hate dissecting other people's work. Who knows why they do things or what they are saying. Does it matter? Isn't it better to touch a cord in someone's heart with your work and know you've been involved in their lives even if only for a moment. And this you do already!

Lindsay said...

This is really lovely. Great colors and nice design

Joanne S said...

Ill agree with the artist thing at the Tate. I went to art school and I have all the necessary skills. I work intuitively. If I run out of paint-I use what appeals to me. If I'm painting and I can't get the "look" I want with the brush, I'll use my fingers or a pencil. If things aren't working, I'll set the piece aside for an hour or a decade. Don't throw things away!!!! The meaning sometimes can't be verbalized or put into a category. You can't create meaning simply by wanting your work to have meaning.

I like the striped graffitti and the one below that looks like a folded book of secrets. I liked you multi colored grass quilt. That was art.

Liz said...

I love this piece - and the way the doodles swish across the colours and unite them.

I'm loving this discussion - please keep it up!

I often do that thing with the paints - or I start a new piece just because I've got some paint left over and I hate to chuck it down the sink and it turns out to be my favourite! Must have got in my stride by that point.

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