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Monday, January 30, 2006

One Last Walk Down Collins

Took my daily walk for the last time down Collins...found a shop called All Aussie. How could I have missed this shop in all my touring? Dropped in a picked up small gifts for the family, stopped in the infamous 7-11 for enough diet coke with lime to last until I leave in the morning.
It isn't that I don't miss home but Melbourne is labeled "the most livable city" and I truly believe it. I got to see so much more this trip....special thanks to Caity (hugs) and Sharon Hunting (stay in touch,please).
Had a great time being "cheeky" with Gary Fitz-Roy of Expertise Events about coming back next year. They are a class everything so well and treat us all like stars. Wishing a bittersweet good-bye to Australia Posted by Picasa

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Caitlin said...

ooooh, I DO hope you were able to find one of my all time favourite Aussie gifts - kangaroo scrotum coin purses!! SERIOUSLY!! If not, I will just have to track one down to send you, muaa haa haaa!

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