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Monday, August 29, 2005

The Best Laid Plans...sob...sob

Remember all that sewing I was going to get done today? Not going into the office...not even glancing in the room as I walked by...bleech. Total melt down today...suddenly my trusty Canon i960 decided to print everything in orange. Not like this isn't one of my favorite colors but a monochoromatic brochure is not quite what I had in mind. Call tech support...what a bunch of great me back on track...but there is still some orange where there shouldn't be. Will try running a test they suggested later to see if it corrects the problem. Still no needle and thread.

In the meantime, started burning DVD's. Easy, better watch what I say, to burn but my new robotic labeler has decided to leave a large white space in the center of the DVD so you can't read the text. My saving grace is that Kelly, the magnificent, will be here tomorrow to get me on track again. I am sure I pushed some button I wasn't supposed to touch or maybe my chi is just out of kilter. Still no needle and thread.

Thanks to Kelly the problems will soon be solved so I promise not to even breathe on any equipment....which leads me to: Is it possible that I can pick up needle and thread? Or has the day gone so wrong that I should stay away from sharp objects? My life plan is to stay calm in the face of disaster and to know there is a time for everything.....but I am green-eyed, envious, and down right jealous to the bone at all the work being produced on the ring.

Hope all of you in the Gulf Coast area are safe and sound...this is a big one...I would be gone at the thought of it. You are in my thoughts for a safe return without too much damage...although I fear that is slightly optomistic. Take care and remember stuff is just stuff but you and your loved ones are the joy of life. Makes the problems of my day seem so insignificent.

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