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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Code Solved and I've Had Enough

What a great group of computer whizzos you are. Thanks to everyone who sent me the code. I worked perfectly and now I don't feel so lonely. You really saved me from despair.

Now to the I've Had most of you know, I am trying quilt market for the first time this year. Everyday all week has been spent working on brocures, printing inserts, burning DVD's and almost daily trips to Office Depot for ink. Well, I have reached my limit. This business stuff is necessary but I want to touch fabric. Executive decision: Since the day is almost over, I will continue today to do the business stuff......but tomorrow morning, Nada.

Tomorrow morning, I am going to layer up the blue tryptich from months ago or applique on the leaf/abstract combo.....just let which ever calls to me make the decision. Fabric....I need fabric. Why is it that our work is so comforting....keeps us slightly less neurotic than most folks....should speak for myself.

While sitting at the computer, printing etc. picked up a book of some of my favorite quotes....opened a page a found: "I was much happier when I had much less responsibility....when my only responsibility was to my work and my art." Robert Rauschenberg

And then I found: " I believe in listening to cycles. I listen by not forcing. If I am in a dead working period, I wait, though these periods are hard to deal with. For the future, I'll see what happens. I'll be content if I get started again. If I feel alive again. If I find myself working with the old intensity again." Lee Krassner

Thank you Bob(may I call you Bob?) and Lee. You put my feelings so beautifully. The business part is a responsibility and also is a dead period as far as working is concerned. We all have ups and downs if we live the creative life....mine was self-imposed and ultimately, will probably be a good thing. However, tomorrow I hope to awaken to: There is enough done for the time being (market isn't until October) so that I can give myself over to nothing but the responsibility to my work, feel alive and work with the old intensity.

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