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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Help Any one!

As you know I updated my template and lost all my buttons and links. Have managed with the help of Deb, who is still singing songs from Funny Girl, to get my Simple Still Life Button back. BTW, if you want to see mine you have to archive back to July. I emailed Diane for the Artful Quilters Ring button but haven't heard back from her. Tried to hack the code(sshh!) but wasn't successful. Tried signing up again but Ring Surf politely tells me I already have the code...thanks alot guys.

So here's my plea: If any of you saved the code for Artful Quilter's ring, could you email it to me.
Thanking you in advance.


ginger said...

you can find it in another bloggers site if you pull up the properties ( I think ) I did this at first but I had the wrong number be sure to change that in the code....we must have birthdays close together we have the same celtic horoscope...mine is 10/31 off to find your SSL

Gerrie said...

Ill send it to you, just a sec!!

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