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Monday, August 22, 2005

Finally an Office Space

Did I mention Thom was moving his room to Baylor to start his second year of law School? Sugar plum fairies dancing through my head at the mere thought of having a real office space instead of being in the middle of the "great room." Space where you can actually walk into the kitchen without making me move away from the computer. No production line of DVD's sitting on the dining table, along with contracts and other paper work....and real life office.

Now remember, nothing is all bad or all good. The dear son did move his bed, you can see from below, that was all he did....move out his bed. Did he straighten up his books, shown lying everywhere on the floor? No! Did he put away any of his personal stuff in the dresser? No! But still, I have an office space...yipee!

This will mean hours of cleaning before I can move a single thing but it will be well worth it. The room...much more my color scheme is lime green with cherry red trim and black and white, all over the place. Life is truly the other sons out so have an organized studio and now the last kidlet gives me a working office space. How cool can that be?

We are going to get an aerobed in case he ever decides to visit...nothing too comfortable...he might stay. Some of you might think this is a sad day for me...the nest is finally empty. Nope, I have had children since I was a more than ready for time with just Ronnie....I think...remains to be seen.

Son Craig, the computer whizzo, is coming sometime today to help reconnect all parts after the move. Not like I didn't do it all myself in the first place but he is just faster and doesn't have those "Now, where does this go look" on his face. So hopefully by tomorrow, I will have pics of the finished or almost finished space to show you.

Reading through the ring, realized I don't tell much about my life. Diane's wonderful Happy Anniversary story meant so much to me. In fact, there just isn't much to tell about my life. Sad, but true. I make a few quilts, do the business stuff, pack and get on a jet plane, teach, come home and start all over again. We are expecting a new grandkidlet in September and the twins are doing amazing teeth, trying to crawl....Christy had her knee replaced and is recovering at an incredible pace.
Ronnie and I just hang out waiting for what comes next.

However, after having four sons, no news is good news. When they were all home, every day brought some new adventure. It is good to know that they are all happy,safe and sound. So with my family in a relative state of well-being, off I go to clean up Thom's disaster. What a thoughtful son!

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Valeri said...

Oh it is nice to know I'm not alone in appropriating the kids rooms. When Andrew left for Uni in Scotland I returned from the train station where he had taken seven trunks of stuff with him and blitzed his room turning it into my workroom. I had to move house to do the same thing with Caroline. Girls are more sensitive!And its lovely just being Martin and I. Hope you and Ronnie have LOTS of fun!

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