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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Last of the Long Hair

Craig has had long hair for about 15 years...and occasionaly cut in-between but then right back to long. Today was officially the last of the long hair...for how long who knows but he really likes the cut. Since this is all we did today..took hours...there is nothing else to the story. However, he is donating his braid to Locks of Love...did I raise a sweet son or what? So I will shut up and let the picture tell the story.

Side Bar: While waiting for Craig, Kelly and the twins, it just so happened that Nordstrom's had the new Kate Spade polka dot me....nah, got the black with red dots.....had to find some way to waste time.

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Karoda said...

Yesterday must have been that kind of day...I had side bangs of 10 dreadlocks that I whacked off yesterday. Just out of the blue for me. But Craig's 'do looks great, with and without the pony tail. Its nice that he is donating his hair.

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