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Friday, August 26, 2005

New Template and @#$% html

Thanks to everyone for the comments on the new template and my hair color. You, too, can have the same color. It isn't bleached at all; it is just dye as a matter of fact three colors of red. Ronnie is convinced that it takes 8 hours to make me look this way which gives me plenty of time at Nordstrom's shoe department. What he doesn't know won't hurt him, just his pocketbook.

Prepare for Deb sent me the button for Simple Still Life. Thanks Deb. I go to template and by golly, can't read in the html in this template where to insert the button. Have tried three places already and haven't been successful. What is the deal? My other template was so straight forward...insert here. This gorgeous template is full of so much blasted code I am surprised it works at all. Now I am no genius at this but you would think I could accomplish such a simple task. support required.

Since this is beyond my skills, off to do something that might be within my reach. Print cover and package dvd's. Of course, I could fall apart on that as well. Remember the days when I used to make quilts....seems so long ago. That itchy feeling is starting....may have to take a day off to just touch fabric.

On a more interesting note, Ronnie came home very tired last night....had to work late....began the moan about work. Dear readers, I had been working since 7:30 a.m. that morning and finished about 11 p.m. long after dearest was sawing logs. What's wrong with this picture? Here's the answer from Ronnie: I am working for myself so that is so much more rewarding and, get this, I get to stay at home and work. Oh joy of joys....all that means is that you never get to leave work. There is always something to do that you can't just walk away from and if you happen to not feel good, there is no one to come in and make up for your lost one to replace you so you can go on vacation.

Enough already....I am still fuming over the html.


Gerrie said...

This is why I moved to Typepad. It is worth the cost to have the ease of changing and adding to the template!!

Debra said...

I see the SSL button now... whatever Craig or you did at some point worked.

I tried to change my template once.. and couldn't figure out how to do the changes, so I stayed with what I had.

I think some of the template authors are more capable than others.

Karoda said...

The new hair colour is fabulous! I can see you now strutting around with the new do and some bad to the bone shoes!

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