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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Citizen Kane

Since I have been taken to task by my highly intellectual articulate son over dissing Citizen Kane, I must explain myself. If for no other reason than to keep him from thinking mom's gone over the edge.

First, my comment on Citizen Kane was in reference to William Randolph Hearst...not the movie...get it sweetie? Second, everyone on the planet knows that Orson Wells was a true genius who totally changed the movie business. The production values of Citizen Kane are beyond words. Wells is the reason we have angled shots, dark gritty scenes and dozens of other technical qualities.

If you have not seen The Magnificent Ambersons...get your hands on a copy. The studio fought him all the way so we don't get his complete vision but....still you see his fingerprints all over the movie.

Last but not least, Wells gave us War of the Worlds on radio...which so many people thought was true it started country-wide panic. Remember my previous post about radio and imagination. Wells proves my point twice over.

So dearest darling son.....who loves Bogey in Casablanca....we will always have Paris....this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship....shame on you for not knowing that your highly literate, ex-theatre mom would dare dis Orson....the hero of modern film making.
xxoo, love ya, your aging mom not quite ready for the home still with all her facultities in tact.

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